5 Etiquette Questions Answered About The Jeep Wave

So you just bought a new Jeep and you are driving it down the road and suddenly everyone is waving at you. You think they are just being friendly so you wave back. But what you are really doing is the Jeep Wave and there are a few things you should know about it before randomly waving.

What is the correct etiquette involved in the Jeep Wave?

First off, if you have a Jeep, and you love it, and you want to build out and you are not some “POSER” (see item 4) then you need to wave to all Jeeps of your same model. If you have a Jeep Wrangler then wave to other Jeep Wrangler models.

If they see you and wave back then you know they are a true Jeeper and worthy of your wave.

Second, it really doesn’t matter how you wave it just matters that you do. I think in the beginning there was some form of wave that was considered appropriate but now it is just every wave for itself. I prefer the peace sign raising up from my steering wheel.

It may look a little “gangster” but I like it.

Third, you should know who should wave first. In most cases this really does not matter as it really just is nice to wave. But usually the Jeep that is not as “BUILT OUT or AS NICE” as the other should wave first as a show of respect for all the work that owner has put in.

This keeps the spirit of building your Jeep bigger and better. I mean why own a Jeep if you are not going to personalize it and get the respect of everyone waving to you first.

Fourth and kind of important, you don’t have to wave to people who really should not have bought a Jeep. These include the soccer moms, grocery-getters, urban and city lovers, zombies, or people who have no intention to ever go off the pavement.

They know who they are and wont respect the wave anyway so don’t waste your time. These are mostly the bone stock models or the models Jeep made for the masses like the Patriot, Compass, Commander and so forth.

Now the fifth thing is that now because you have read this in its entirety you are now good to wave. So go out and remember to Jeep Wave safely.

Want this for yourself, then download the PDF of our Jeep Wave and feel free to distribute it.


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