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RT26044 – 1997-2006 TJ Wrangler Stainless Steel Hood Catch Kit – Instructions RT27016 – 1997-2006 TJ Wrangler Dash Tray – Instructions RT26076 –¬†Spare Tire Spacer¬†Installation – Instructions
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Grey 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ Build Auto w/4.0 Engine

This is a 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ build with a custom build and lots of extras. The gallery below are pictures of the various modifications made on the Jeep and below that is a list of the items on the Jeep along with links to where you can get those items. We will have quite a few more vehicles with modification and upgrades.

1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ Automatic Transmission, 4.0L Engine, Dana Axles, NP231 Transfer Case

  • Grant Steering Wheel
  • 7.5 Inch Custom Lift
  • Blue Headlamp Upgrade
  • Customer 500 Watt Stereo
  • Front and Rear Skid Plate Axle Guards
  • Custom Differential Covers
  • DVD Player and Monitors
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Carr Light Bar Procomp Round Lights
  • Much, much more.
This 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ build took many years to do. It was a fun culmination of discovery of the Jeepin lifestyle and how to work on a Jeep without knowing anything about vehicles.

Yellow 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ A Most Capable Off-Road XJ

See this Yellow 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ that is a custom built XJ that has numerous upgrades. From complete axle trusses, locked and geared front to rear, and a solid high performance steering system. This is one capable XJ that has proven itself off-road several times. Its a Moab killer. See more parts for a Jeep Cherokee XJ

Yellow Built Out 2 Door Wrangler JK and Lots of LED Lights

This is one nice, new Yellow 2 Door Jeep Wrangler JK that has a lot of LED lights and other cool upgrades. It might not do well off-road as you may not want to get all of that nice stuff dirty. But hey dirt washes off. For the most part the interior is stock, and the most of the outside is as well. There is not a lot of changes to the little details that show some serious customization.  

But these are some of the cool upgrades;

Smittybilt Light Bar 50″ LED Light Bar Dual Pillar Light Mounts 4 18″ LED Lights Hood Light Mount 15″ LED Light Bar Bushwhacker Flat Fender Flares LED Headlights Custom Rims and Mud Terrain Tires 4″ Lift Kit Custom Rear Bumper with D-Rings Rear Tail Light Guards Rear Spare Tire Holder CB System Custom Front Bumper Smittybilt Winch XRC8 ARB Differential Covers All in all the suspension side of this 2 Door Wrangler JK is very capable, the Rubicon Express lift kit and ARB lockers make it able to tame almost any trail. All in all this is a custom build that takes the stock look of the Wrangler and subtlety combines capable off-roading components without structuring the OE look and feel.

Jeep Commando JP8 Diesel in Camo Sand Color way Custom!

This rare and neat little Jeep beauty was found in Utah and has a look and mind all of its own. The Jeep Commando is painted in a Sand Color in almost every corner of the vehicle. Only a few items are black and this would blend into the desert area real well. It is not everyday you get to see this Jeep Commando so when you do, you should take some time to peruse it with a careful eye. Look at the custom tow hooks rated to 7500 lbs. and the front tow hooks. This is built tough and perfect for use in hard terrain.    

Some of the Features on this Jeep Commando

Custom front bumper with extreme tow hooks. Custom Tie Downs rated at 3000 lbs and 7500 lbs Winch Custom Lift Custom Rims and Goodyear MT Tires Rear Truck Bed Custom Rear Custom Rack with Spare Tire and 3 Jerry Cans Custom Flat Fender Flares Custom Paint     This tough and desert ready Jeep Commando is one tough beauty. Its go anywhere looks and do anything customization’s gives you peace of mind that wherever you go, you are well outfitted.

TheJeepHunter: A Red Monster Jeep in Bradenton FL

So we decided to go see “Snooty” the Manatees birthday celebration in Bradenton, FL and rolled in our Honda. But lo an behold there are good Jeeps out there even when you are not looking. We found this red monster Jeep right there in the parking lot obviously enjoying the Manatee festivities as well. So when we left the South Florida Museum we came out and took a closer look at this red monster Jeep which was quite the beastly machine. Some of the things we liked on this Jeep was the coil lift, Fox shocks with chamber, custom rims and Nitto tires. It has a lot of armor that covers the lights, cool bumpers in front and cool side rails. An awesome windshield graphic, but still rolls with the stock flares. The soft top is black which offers a stark contrast to the red and blends nicely with all the black accents on the grille and front headlights. This is one COOL red Monster Jeep sighted by the Jeep Hunter in Southwest Florida.

Jeep Hunter Finds: Maverik Gas Station Promo Wrangler JK

Can you believe this find! Well you should because this vehicle is a Promo Wrangler JK and is adventures first stop! So if you are in Utah and have a hankering for adventure then you will know all about Maverik. They are the local fill up gas station that not only gives you fuel but can give you other types of gas too. When you are ready to hit the trail you will fill up your ride with fuel and then go inside the station to stock up on all kinds of supplies from soft drinks, chips, candy, and more! Everything you need for the road trip.

Some of the Features of the Maverik Promo Wrangler JK

Custom Lift Custom Wrap Custom Wheels and Large Tires Custom Bumper with Bull Bar and Lights Full Rack with Cage and Lights Mounted on Front Hi Lift Jack Mounted on Hood But Maverik not only says it has everything for your adventure they also live it. This promo wrangler JK is proof of that. It is decked out with some cool upgrades that will make it not only comfortable on the trail but wherever life’s adventures may take it. And best of all, this promo Wrangler JK does just that…it promotes the company very well!

Poison Spyder Jeep Wrangler JK Custom Build

We are here in the deep deep part of the Salt Lake Valley at 4Wheel Parts. And guess what we found? We found this beauty a little itsy bitsy poison spyder Jeep build. This was just a visitor I suppose to the store in SLC, Utah but we were able to snap a few photos before it got away. This is no Daddy Long Legs spider, no no, this is a big bad beauty like a Black Widow all black and red and a bite to boot.This Poison Spyder Jeep Wrangler JK has a great color scheme and is the perfect look with lots of custom features.  

Some of the Features of the Poison Spyder Wrangler JK

Custom front bumper with red d-rings Custom Hood Overlay Custom Red Light Bar with LED Light Front LED Light on Bumper Custom Graphics Fox Shocks with extra Canister Custom Rock Sliders Custom Wheels and Tires Hi Lift Jack with Rear Holder Rear Third Brake Light D-Ring for Hitch Custom Lift Kit with Painted Red Suspension Parts Custom Differential Covers     So little Miss Tuffet can eat all of her curds and whey but in the end she still is going to want a ride in this beast. With its cool color scheme and lots upgrades this is one capable machine and the perfect way to crawl over rocks, just like a spider would.