A Review of a Jeep Wrangler JK Custom Grille with Light Bar Cutout

Who would want to change out the iconic Jeep grille with a custom grille?

Well I guess I would. I mean I didn’t really do it intentionally the grille just kind of fell in my lap at a great deal so I thought I would change it out. The grille I got has a diamond shaped metal grille with a cutout for a 21 inch LED light bar. The light bar was not included with this one but I have seen some sets with them included. I ordered the light bar seperate as it was less expensive.

The one I chose is the Auxmart 1pcs Front Mesh Grille for 2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler from Amazon that cost $166.99 and was shipped for free. It has a lot of fun features as described by the company.

  • Fitment: Please Verify that this Part Fits your Vehicle Before you Purchase For Jeep Wrangler 2007-2016
  • Color: Black Material: ABS Plastic + Metal Mesh Position: Front Grille Instructions: Not Included
  • With Holes Cutout for Headlights and Turn Signals
  • Ultra Lightweight, Fade-resistant, Never Rust
  • Package Included: 1x Front Mesh Grille for Jeep Wrangler

I got the grille fairly quickly and it came well packaged and it was undamaged. It is very easy to install all you do is remove the old grille – which is six fasteners on the top of the grille and it pops out – you will need to remove the turn signal lamps first. When I removed the grille I pretty much broke off some of the tabs so there was no going back on this install.


CUSTOM TIP – Paint it First

What I wish I did was paint the grille first. There is a very thin paint on the grille which is easily removed and shows the white plastic underneath. So by painting it first it will save you some trouble. I wish they would have molded the entire thing in black.

To INSTALL the grille you will need to mount the turn signals in the tabs. Then simply line up the top with the holes for the fasteners and install the fasteners in. Then press the tabs on the bottom into the body frame. Then you will need to wire up the turn signals. Finally there is a new piece of trim that goes on top of the grille where it meets the hood. It installs with tape and two small screws.

The screws that came with it were plastic and worthless unless you drill a small hole so I just used some nice stainless steel ones instead. Once the rubber molding is taped on you are set to go.

There is a cutout for a 21″ LED Light bar with side mounting. I ordered that bar and will do a new post on that install as I probably will take the time to paint the grille.



There are a few things that I am not fond of with this custom grille. First the bolts are super shiny, like chrome and are to shiny for my likes and they are not removable that I can see. So I probably will paint the whole thing flat black again. The middle pin is to big so it has to be forced in. The two screws that hold the rubber molding are not the best. And finally the paint job comes off easily.


What I like is that it has a cool mesh design. It looks pretty mean and people take notice of it when I drive down the road. And when the light bar is installed the Jeep will light up the light sky as that will be the 5th LED light put on it. I give this 4 lug nuts out of 5. It almost got three but just to many people come up to me and say how nice it is.



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