High Steer “OTK” Over the Knuckle Relocation Kit Product Instructions


If you purchased a tie rod relocation kit, and you are wondering how to install it then read on. The OTK kit or over the knuckle kit allows you to flip the tie rod from installing on the bottom of the knuckle to the top.

This allows for more clearance when off-roading and protects tie rod from damage from rocks or other debris. With your OTK kit you should kit a Machined Steel Sleeve, Tie Rod Castle Nut, and Cotter Pin. In some kits you may have received a Polyurethane Tie Rod Boot.

They normally come in three configurations. The single kit is used to flip the drivers side tie rod. The dual kit is used to flip both the drivers and passenger side tie rods. And the triple kit is used to flip both tie rod ends, and also flip the tie rod located on the pitman arm. Again either kit can come with or without polyurethane tie rod boots. See these in our STORE.

To install the OTK Kit you will need the following tools.

Drill and 3/4″ Drill Bit
Rubber Mallet
Ratchet and Socket Set
Welding Equipment (optional)
Other various hand tools.

Installation time can vary depending on the kit you use and can range from 1 to 4 hours. First make sure that you have all the contents of the kit ready. Inspect tie rods to make sure they are in good working order, if not, then now would be the time to change them.

At each knuckle where the tie rod is installed you will need to remove it. Then drill out the knuckle accomodate the sleeve with the 3/4″ drill bit. Tap in the new insert with the rubber mallet, the lip of the OTK sleeve goes on top of the knuckle. Next weld the lip around to the knuckle (optional but recommended).

Repeat for the other tie rods. If you have the polyurethane tie rod boots install those onto the tie rods. Then insert the tie rod from the top into the OTK sleeve. Secure the tie rod on the bottom with the new castle nut and cotter pin.

The OTK sleeve has the correct taper to accept stock tie rod ends. Some kits include a nylock nut to hold the tie rod, but our kits have the stock replacement castle nut and cotter pin.

NOTE: some TJ’s will require modification of the sway bar disconnect on the drivers side. Remember that any modification to your steering may result in changes in handling and that we accept no responsibility for the effects of changing your steering components. An alignment should be done by a qualified mechanic after installation. These are for OFFROAD use only. You may need an additional kit (the triple kit) to prevent scissoring by the drag link bar. Any modifications to your vehicle comes with some inherent risk.

DISCLAIMER: When using this product your vehicle will be modified to increase performance. Whenever a modification is done you change the performance of the vehicle including handling, braking, steering. You should always drive safely and avoid any maneuvers that would cause harm, serious injury or death to the driver or passengers. Note in the case of using lager tires you must readjust your speedometer gear for accurate speed readings. This product is manufactured for off-road use only and should be installed by a professional mechanic. Please obey all posted laws, speed limits, and drive safely at all times. Please wear your seat belt at all times.


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