How to Install GPRDNA Decals the Right Way


I think the biggest question is do you want your Jeep to stand out? I would say if you do then decals are a great way to do that. GPRDNA offers a great line up of quality matte finished vinyl in various different colors to work with or accent the color of your Jeep. Some of our favorites include “Black Jeep of the Family”, “Move Over”, “Don’t Try it. You won’t make it”. These are just a few of the many we offer! Look around and see if you find any you like! Don’t forget to watch the video in for tips and tricks on how to properly install without any issues.






High Steer “OTK” Over the Knuckle Relocation Kit Product Instructions


If you purchased a tie rod relocation kit, and you are wondering how to install it then read on. The OTK kit or over the knuckle kit allows you to flip the tie rod from installing on the bottom of the knuckle to the top.

This allows for more clearance when off-roading and protects tie rod from damage from rocks or other debris. With your OTK kit you should kit a Machined Steel Sleeve, Tie Rod Castle Nut, and Cotter Pin. In some kits you may have received a Polyurethane Tie Rod Boot.

They normally come in three configurations. The single kit is used to flip the drivers side tie rod. The dual kit is used to flip both the drivers and passenger side tie rods. And the triple kit is used to flip both tie rod ends, and also flip the tie rod located on the pitman arm. Again either kit can come with or without polyurethane tie rod boots. See these in our STORE.

To install the OTK Kit you will need the following tools.

Drill and 3/4″ Drill Bit
Rubber Mallet
Ratchet and Socket Set
Welding Equipment (optional)
Other various hand tools.

Installation time can vary depending on the kit you use and can range from 1 to 4 hours. First make sure that you have all the contents of the kit ready. Inspect tie rods to make sure they are in good working order, if not, then now would be the time to change them.

At each knuckle where the tie rod is installed you will need to remove it. Then drill out the knuckle accomodate the sleeve with the 3/4″ drill bit. Tap in the new insert with the rubber mallet, the lip of the OTK sleeve goes on top of the knuckle. Next weld the lip around to the knuckle (optional but recommended).

Repeat for the other tie rods. If you have the polyurethane tie rod boots install those onto the tie rods. Then insert the tie rod from the top into the OTK sleeve. Secure the tie rod on the bottom with the new castle nut and cotter pin.

The OTK sleeve has the correct taper to accept stock tie rod ends. Some kits include a nylock nut to hold the tie rod, but our kits have the stock replacement castle nut and cotter pin.

NOTE: some TJ’s will require modification of the sway bar disconnect on the drivers side. Remember that any modification to your steering may result in changes in handling and that we accept no responsibility for the effects of changing your steering components. An alignment should be done by a qualified mechanic after installation. These are for OFFROAD use only. You may need an additional kit (the triple kit) to prevent scissoring by the drag link bar. Any modifications to your vehicle comes with some inherent risk.

DISCLAIMER: When using this product your vehicle will be modified to increase performance. Whenever a modification is done you change the performance of the vehicle including handling, braking, steering. You should always drive safely and avoid any maneuvers that would cause harm, serious injury or death to the driver or passengers. Note in the case of using lager tires you must readjust your speedometer gear for accurate speed readings. This product is manufactured for off-road use only and should be installed by a professional mechanic. Please obey all posted laws, speed limits, and drive safely at all times. Please wear your seat belt at all times.

Jeep Patriot Compressor Replacement 2013 – Walk through


Over this past weekend, I had the pleasure of working on a good friend of ours Jeep Patriot. It’s the 2013 model with the 2.4L engine. Its amazing how much better I have gotten at installing AC components since the first time I tried it back on my Honda several months ago. However, if you happen to own a Jeep Patriot 2013 or any of the years before or after one thing I will have to warn you about is the Traverse Engine (Sideways). My Honda is a similar setup however most Jeeps you won’t run into this problem because they 90% of the time feature the normal inline 6. If that is the case you won’t have much to worry about.

Tools You’ll Need:

Here’s a list of what is essential to do this kind of install:

  1. Socket or Wrench set w/ Extensions preferably.
  2.  Flathead screwdriver
  3. Serpentine Belt Wrench (Rent from AutoZone)
    1. Note: 50 Dollar rental fee from AutoZone
  4. AC Guages and Vacuum (Rent from Autozone)
    1. Note: expect to pay around 300 dollars as a rental fee. You’ll receive it all back when you return items. Two cans of R-134A refrigerant.
  5. 4-5 hours of time set apart to do this install.

Step by Step install Summary 


  1. Jack up the car and remove the passenger side front tire.
  2. Take a flat head screwdriver and remove plastic push pins to gain access to the compressor.
  3. Remove electrical pigtail along with AC lines located towards the top of the compressor.
  4. Unbolt old compressor (3 Bolts) and replace with a new compressor. Only screw in two bolts halfway to secure location when tightening ac lines. Trust me you want the wiggle room.
  5. Remove front bumper. 8 screws along both front fender liners along with 6 screws at the top under hood connect the bumper to the frame. 4 Push pins holding plastic footwell pieces.
  6. Remove Drier and Evaporator and replace with pieces. If you can’t find either like me, call the dealership with the last 8 digits of your VIN number and they’ll be able to help you locate it.

Watch the video on how to recharge AC system.

Along with replacing all these major components, it’s even more important to replace the o-rings for each sealed connection to ensure you don’t have any leaks in the future.

GPRDNA – Newest Product Launch


GPRDNA  – Newest Product Launch

Over the last couple of months, we have been dying to try some new products on our Jeeps. Recently we made a video where we changed our old OEM grille to a new all black mesh grille with a 20” light bar to replace it with. This got us thinking about offering aftermarket grilles as part of our product line. However, there are so many to choose from and so many sellers out there who sell cheap Chinese knock-offs and in my opinion, they don’t offer much texture to Jeeps in general. So what did we do? We put our thinking caps on and decided to think outside the box. And to add more creativity to the Jeep scene.

GPRDNA Grilles

Because Jeeps have so much customization available we wanted to make a grille that really speaks to us. Along with much consideration, we decided to coat 3 types of grilles for our lineup. The prominent Angry Bird style you have probably seen on many Jeeps rolling around town. The Gladiator Vader Grille. This one we haven’t seen as much of. And then the Ghost Grille. All coated in our very durable, highly heat-resistant film.


The Process

Most Jeeps are two-toned. Meaning they have two colors, and even sometimes they can be just one solid color. However, it was our desire to change this.

The coating process we undertake for each grille is very quality based. Every grille is cleaned, primed and coated to perfection. Done with a highly durable chip and scratch resistant film along with being heat resistant up to 400 degrees. The grille is then sealed and dried to ensure a long life for years to come. We offer all the designs listed in our color chart above.


Give us a call or send us an email! Yours is waiting!

Jeep Wrangler JK Parts on a Budget – Items Under $25.00


We all know it can get expensive to own a Jeep. I mean you just outlaid a pretty penny just to buy the stock Jeep and now you got to add more money to make it look right.

Welcome to the lifestyle. Build, Break, Fix and Repeat.

Its addictive and everything we love about owning a Jeep, you are never done upgrading. There is always something more to get.

But while a lot of the parts are expensive, there are some upgrades you can do that cost less.

Check out our Jeep Wrangler JK Parts on a Budget list, where all the items are under $25.00 and categorized in $5.00 increments. So enjoy the list and as always you got a favorite budge JK upgrade then please let us know in the comments.

Jeep Wrangler JK Parts under $5.00

Front Frame Hole Plugs – there are a pair of unsightly holes on each side of the JK on the frame. But these plugs fit nicely in the hole, and gives it a nice look. They are easy to install and under $5.00 from Amazon.

 Jeep Wrangler JK Frame Hole Cover Plug Accessory Dress Up for all 2007-2016

As of this writing these are $4.99 shipped on Amazon but prices may vary.

Jeep Wrangler JK Parts under $10.00

Cell Phone Holder for Car, Windshield Long Arm Car Phone Mount with One Button Design and Anti-skid Base Car Holder for iPhone. Works great holding the phone on my JK dash.

Mpow Cell Phone Holder for Car, Windshield Long Arm Car Phone Mount with One Button Design and Anti-skid Base Car Holder for iPhone X/8/7/7P/6s/6P/5S,Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8,Google,LG,Huawei

As of now this product is $9.99 on Amazon although prices can vary. This holds my iPhone X perfectly and right where I need it.

Jeep Wrangler JK Parts under $10.00


LUKE YOU MUST MAINTAIN!! – How to and How Often to Change Jeep Radiator Hoses


I recently had a hose clamp rust off on one of my other vehicles causing my engine to overheat while I was on the road. Luckily I walked away without having to pay a lot of money in repairs as it was only the clamp that needed to be replaced however, that got me thinking about the topic of how to properly maintain any vehicle or Jeep. And because this issue happened to be coolant related I figured what better thing to talk about than the cooling system in your Jeep.

Because engines run on very high temperatures its very important to have some type of cooling system to keep the engine running at proper temperature at all times. I won’t go into the specifics of how a cooling systems works however, it is important to note that when owning a vehicle you should replace your hoses every 3-5 years. A good hose should last 5 years but its not really specified for most manufacturers. So what can we do?

The best way to maintain any car is by having a trained processional inspect it or by simply doing it yourself. Here are somethings to look out for:

*Make sure the engine is cold*

  1. Visual inspection. You should always look for any irregularities such as tears, bulging, cracks, brittleness of any kind.
  2. We call this the “squeeze test” simply squeeze both radiator hoses. If either are firm, but not overly your hoses are in great condition. If they feel very hard, spongy or soft. This means its time for them to be replaced. Another thing to watch out for is soft areas of the hose. If found the hose should be replaced.
  3. Check the clamp connections. Like me you don’t want to be driving somewhere and randomly have a hose come undone. Especially if you are on a road trip or something.

Obviously its impossible to check for every issue however, It does pay to have your vehicle inspected because you may miss things your mechanic may not. And believe me it will save you money in the long run. And installing new radiator hoses is something anyone can do from their home.


Check out this video we made on how to replace them. Its for a Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ however the principles are the same.

Tips on How to Install the 68078452AA JK Wrangler Soft Top Foam Tape Seal Kit


We have scoured the internet to try and find some videos and photos on how to install the Foam Tape Seal Kit 68078452 for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2010-2018 models.

Here are some places where you can see some installation ideas:

The best site I found with some photos of the install is the wranglerforum here… check it out.

Here is some information from the recall notice from Chrysler on the Soft Tops.

Install foam tape from the provided package over the right and left side header panel retaining screws (See Photo Above).

CAUTION: The foam side strips are specifically cut for right side and left side. The foam side strips are not interchangeable.

Install foam strip as shown in Photo Above on both sides.

And that is it, if you want to see the whole recall notice you can download it here.

As always if you purchase something from us, AND send us some great pictures of your install of the product we will send you a free decal for your Jeep, just shoot us a comment below and we will get all your details and get the right decal for you!

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and SRT are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC. Items used are for reference only.

Atlas Door Steps – Easy to Install Jeep Wrangler JK MOD! Jeep Prepper Must Have

May 6th 2018

  • Installs in under an hour.
  • Use normal hand tools.
  • No drilling required.
  • Easy install-direct bolt on.

Project Update #1 “Jeep Wrangler JK” – The Jeep Prepper Must Have Product for Wrangler JK

Over the last weekend we bought a set of Smittybilt Atlas Side Door Steps for our 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK. If you are a true Jeeper having the top down is an essential part of our everyday lives, especially in the summertime!

Taking the tops off can be a pain and even worse for those who are still using their heavy hard tops.

This Mod allows you to have extra mobility and height when you are dealing with taking your top off or putting some gear on a roof rack.  The steps are heavy duty and the nicest ones I have seen. They install on the door hinges and are easy to install. They come with replacement hinge bolts and everything else you need to install them. They work on both front and rear door hinges.


One things is when you install them you will notice that the doors can be misaligned and may require some adjustment. What we did was to remove two bolts at a time and made sure we put in the new bolts to hold the door in place.Then tighten them all down evenly when ready.

When flipped down they look cool, and have a good grip to them with the serrated edge. I weight about 190 lbs and stood on them easily and bounced up and down with no movement on them. This is a great product and was easy to install. We plan on getting a new set for the rear doors. Just because they look cool.

These are some other features of these cool door steps:

  • Constructed of 1/8″ steel. Durable black powdercoated body with clear zinc step
  • 350 lbs. load limit
  • Built in bottle opener
  • Non-slip serrated step design

RECOMMENDED for JEEP PREPPERS – when prepping your Jeep for disaster you may install a roof rack and these door steps make it easy to get things up on to the roof. Also it makes taking off a soft top easy as well.

Jeep Cherokee XJ (1995) Heater Control Valve Change – Project Update #3


Over the last couple of months, the Cherokee hasn’t been that big of a focus because we sold it in October of last year to one of my friends. However, he recently moved and sold it back to us with some minor issues. The main being an exploded heater control valve. We aren’t quite sure how or why it exploded. We do know that it caused some major overheating problems when it occurred.

It’s quite an easy install simply hooking some hoses with some clamps. The real reason I wanted to write this article is to inform everyone that we are selling our Cherokee in hopes that we can find a better model to work and upgrade to. Its a bittersweet moment but its time to part. We will be focusing on the JK and introduce a new project over the next couple of weeks.