Ask A Jeeper a Question about the Jeep Cherokee XJ

We know you have lots of questions about your Jeep. With all the models of the Jeep Cherokee XJ out there there are bound to be a lot of questions that you want to ask.

We do our best to answer whatever question you might have for the Jeep Cherokee XJ.

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What Year Cherokee XJ Should I Buy?

From all my experience in working with jeeps. My favorite so far has been the Cherokee XJ. It’s reliable, has awesome resale value and quite frankly is the best looking in my opinion. But what years should you buy is a common question. The years range from 1984 to 2001 which makes it difficult to understand which years you should choose. But what years make the best Cherokee? For us it has always been the 1991-01. And it is for these various reasons.

Depending on what kind of terrain you live in or are planning on going through. Deciding between these two T-Cases has been a huge discussion in the Jeep aftermarket world. The NP231 or the NP242? My choice is the NP231. Not only is it a reliable case but it has more perks than the NP242. With more aftermarket support than the NP242. It’s the obvious choice for those wanting to lift their jeep like most do. The NP242 transfer case in my opinion has been for people who don’t want to lift their jeep but need a full-time on the road 4wd mode. Good for all around trail-riding. But not necessarily for your “hardcore” Jeep guy.

4.0 LITER MOTOR  (High-Output Engine)
The 4.0L engine, with all the Jeeps I’ve worked on is by far the easiest to work with. This motor has the biggest aftermarket replacement parts out of any of the Jeep engines. We recommend the 4.0 inline 6 High Output motor which was used in the years following 1991. Ask any Jeep guy and he’ll say hands down the 4.0 is the most reliable engine ever put into these jeeps. Bulletproof almost. We recommend it highly.

What should you be looking for in a transmission? Reliability? Long lasting performance? The transmissions vary on these models. Both have either the AX-15 or the AW4. Both with the 23 spline outputs. However when it boils down to it. The AX-15 and the AW4 are basically the same transmission for reliability except for one is manual (AX-15) and the other automatic (AW4). The AW4 however is the more popular transmission with the Cherokee XJ and has the best reviews among Cherokee XJ owners.

Just a recap, get a 1991-2001 Cherokee with a NP231 transfer case kit, and a 4.0L High Output Motor and AW4 transmission. I have a lot of Jeeps that I like. And besides the facts I base my thoughts off my own opinions. I have worked on all types of Jeeps and the Cherokee has never forsaken me. It’s my favorite jeep by far and I wanted to share why. Thanks for reading! Now go out and buy your Cherokee!


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