Butt of the Jeep Wrangler JK is Ugly: 5 Better JK Rear Ends


The Butt of the Jeep Wrangler JK is Really Ugly!

As I was walking around the Jeep Wrangler JK the other day I realized that of all the angles I could see, the rear end or the butt of the Jeep Wrangler JK is very ugly.

Its huge with no redeeming curves, or angles to make it nice. Just a big flat ugly box, representative of a barn door in its flat appearance.

And despite all that it is, there is not much you can do to make it any better…or is there?

I started to wonder what can I do to my Jeep butt look better. I mean come one, there is a point where it is to big, to bulky, and way to boxy. I think I was at that point.

It was time to do something, time to slim down, make a change, and do something that would last this time. So I did what any good person does when faced with this kind of dilemma. I searched the internet. And this is what I came up with:

5 Ways to Make your Jeep Wrangler JK Butt Look Better

Well NUMBER ONE is to take that big butt cover off the back. Yes I mean remove the rear hard top or put the soft top down. That alone will shed the bulky look and make the vehicle look 20 lbs lighter. They say the camera adds twenty pounds or whatever, well the rear top adds just as much to the butt of the JK. One thing you can do to accessorize the back of the JK is with this little black number. A cargo netting that helps keep things in the Jeep and gives it a slimmer look.


Just look how slim this JK looks with its cute netting. Right now I know that Smittybilt makes a pretty decent one called the Smittybilt 571135 C-RES ‘2 HD’ Trail Net
and they have a 2 door and 4 door version. Make sure you get the newer version with all of its upgrades. It is a little more expensive but it is well worth the extra money.


The newly designed C.RES2 Heavy Duty top features 2-inch military grade polyester webbing with an amazing 1,200 lbs of tensile strength. Designed not to interfere with factory mounting points for soft top or hard tops, the C.RES2 can be left on when not in use.

  • Works with most hard tops or soft tops
  • Easy to install with no tools required – does not interfere with factory mounting points
  • Rugged, triple stitched 2-inch polyester webbing
  • Provides coverage from the sound bar to the tailgate
  • Side and rear curtains included
  • Nylon reinforced buckles and black oxide grommets for hook up points
  • Quick release access to cargo
  • Steel grommets for extra hook points

So NUMBER TWO is to add a rear spare tire carrier. This hides the fact that your butt is big and draws all the attention to the carrier. And if you make the spare tire big and shiny they wont be able to notice anything else. Of course in order to do this you would need an aftermarket bumber or a spare tire system that integrates with the stock tailgate. Either one will make the back of your JK scream “LOOK AT ME”.


Pictured here is the Smittybilt 76654 XRC Black Textured Rear Swing Away tire carrier and fits on most Smittybilt XRC bumpers (Requires Smittybilt Rear Bumper Part # 76653). It is heavy duty with some great features. This optional swing away tire carrier features a billet handle with a cam-lock system, adjustable tire mount and safety catch that will hold the swing away open while parked or positioned at an angle. The swing away tire carrier can be added to the bumper at anytime.

The NUMBER THREE option is to convert that boxy looking top to a sleeker fastback top that has more character by integrating a sloped rear thus giving the back of the Jeep a more angular appearance. You can even get a top that is multi-function which means it can be convertible, and you can remove several panels and flip just the front part off for easy access to the sun! Bestop makes a great top for this purpose.


The Bestop 56823-35 Black Diamond Trektop NX Complete Frameless Replacement Soft Top with with Sunrider Sunroof Feature is the next generation in modern soft tops for Jeep Wrangler. Fastback styling with a fresh, taut fit that doesn’t need traditional bows or frames to install. Premium factory-spec sailcloth fabric has best-in-class UV resistance for years of fade-free durability. Removable, replaceable tinted windows are standard, as is the Sunrider-style fold back sunroof.

Factory-style polymer door surrounds and tailgate bar included to complete the kit. Top Arch Bar (JK 4-door models get two) helps prevent water puddling and reduces any flapping. Choose the optional door style you want; use existing full steel doors, or any Bestop door kit (sold separately) including 2-Piece Doors, Upper Fabric Doors, Element Doors or Lower Fabric Half doors.

  • Next-generation styling, fit and function that doesn’t need traditional bows or frames to install
  • Must-have fold-back sunroof feature lets more light in, offers great open-air driving experience
  • Upgraded features include Top Arch Bar system, Quick-release Bow Knuckles and factory-style polymer door surrounds
  • Compatible with factory full steel doors, or with any Bestop replacement Door Kit specific to your Jeep model
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Installation Instructions Included

Well the NUMBER FOUR option is costly. You can convert your Jeep Wrangler into a pickup truck. And the price tag is not very friendly. You can get a fully done one for about $45,000.00 dollars or get a conversion kit for half of that.

Mopar had a nice one but it seems they are sold out and you cant get them anywhere now. But several companies are looking at making new kits and a quick search on the internet will help you find a couple of companies and hundreds of ideas.


Of course you can always try and do it yourself but that is NOT RECOMMENDED unless you are a competent professional. But this is like liposuction to the rear end of your JK it will remove a lot of excess fat, and also give you the ability to haul some things as well. Hey you can actually put some junk in the trunk of your JK.

See the video above of a JK conversion to a pickup.

And finally the NUMBER FIVE option is to add as much crap as you can to the back of your JK thus eliminating any possibility that the butt is ugly because there is so much stuff back there that the eye just has to look away.

I mean come on you can stuff a huge bumper with spare tire carrier, roof rack mounting points, extra LED lights, gas and water cans, a hi-lift jack, and air tank, and much much more. One example is from Body Armor which has a cool modular system.


So there you have it. Folks summer is coming and it is bathing suit season. So now is the time to get the JK Butt of yours looking good. So get rid of the ugly butt and take one of our suggestions and make your JK butt the envy of all those Jeepers.


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