Cheap and Easy Polyurethane 2 Inch TJ Lift Kit

Best Two Inch Lift Kit For My Wrangler TJ


As a Jeep owner one thing that pushes you into the aftermarket scene is lift kits. I think we all have a mental image of what our ideal jeep would look like, however the biggest problem that most of us jeep guys have is The Money We Have Vs. The Money We Can Spend which makes it really hard to make any decision.

Some of the more basic parts most jeep guys order are Tires, Wheels, Bumpers, Winches, Snorkels and last but not least Lift kits. With so many lift options its hard to find any that cover all the check marks we want them too. So whats the answer? You can spend several hundreds of dollars on various options from various different companies.

My rule is a 2 inch lift is enough. Don’t get me wrong some lift kits make some jeeps look really cool and if you’ve got the money and want to pull the trigger don’t let me stop you. But for someone like me who likes to keep his jeep looking pretty uniform I chose the 2 Inch Wrangler TJ lift kit.

What Exactly is the TJ Lift Kit and How Much Does it Cost?


The answer is polyurethane coil spring spacers. Since your TJ comes stock with coil spring suspension these are used to raise the cab up depending on the size of the spacer. You can run them at various sizes but the most common is 1 and 2 Inch lift kits.

Now, these kits can run anywhere from 50-75 dollars and offer a cheap and easy budget minded lift kit. Poly spacers are likely the most popular way to lift your vehicle and with that popularity comes a lot of different questions potential buys wish to know. I’ve got a couple here that I’v e heard before.


Q:How will the driveablility/comfortably be after I install these?

A: We highly recommend you keep the rubber isolator provided when you take off the coil spring and place on top of the coil spring before the poly spacer to provide that stock feel you’re use to.


Q: Will I have to purchase extra parts?

A: No you won’t have to if you’re not going above two inches.


Q: How Long does it take to install?

A: Normally if you have all the proper tools it takes about 4-6 hours.


Q: Whats is better about poly vs rubber?

A: Rubber degrades faster and doesn’t last as long as polyurethane.


Our Recommendation

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several different companies that offer various lift kits that were both cheap and easy. However we’ve picked the best.

We have been using RUKSE’s basic 1 Inch Kit or 2 Inch Kit for all of our applications and installations of this product for Jeeps owners that only wanted this specific length.


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