GPRDNA – Newest Product Launch


    GPRDNA  – Newest Product Launch

    Over the last couple of months, we have been dying to try some new products on our Jeeps. Recently we made a video where we changed our old OEM grille to a new all black mesh grille with a 20” light bar to replace it with. This got us thinking about offering aftermarket grilles as part of our product line. However, there are so many to choose from and so many sellers out there who sell cheap Chinese knock-offs and in my opinion, they don’t offer much texture to Jeeps in general. So what did we do? We put our thinking caps on and decided to think outside the box. And to add more creativity to the Jeep scene.

    GPRDNA Grilles

    Because Jeeps have so much customization available we wanted to make a grille that really speaks to us. Along with much consideration, we decided to coat 3 types of grilles for our lineup. The prominent Angry Bird style you have probably seen on many Jeeps rolling around town. The Gladiator Vader Grille. This one we haven’t seen as much of. And then the Ghost Grille. All coated in our very durable, highly heat-resistant film.


    The Process

    Most Jeeps are two-toned. Meaning they have two colors, and even sometimes they can be just one solid color. However, it was our desire to change this.

    The coating process we undertake for each grille is very quality based. Every grille is cleaned, primed and coated to perfection. Done with a highly durable chip and scratch resistant film along with being heat resistant up to 400 degrees. The grille is then sealed and dried to ensure a long life for years to come. We offer all the designs listed in our color chart above.


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