How to Fix Jeeps Neutral Safety Switch on Cherokee XJ

How to Fix the Neutral Safety Switch on a Jeep Cherokee XJ

From what I’ve been researching there have been a lot of issues with the AW4 transmissions with the neutral safety switch going out or not working properly. Most times this part can cost from $300-400 dollars depending on who your buying from, however all it takes is a good cleaning vs actually replacing the whole part.

Here is a simple way on how to fix the problem and the most common ways of diagnosing it from various jeep owners I’ve talked to.

We also have a couple videos that will show you how to remove and clean it down below.


1. Normally the most common problem with your Jeep will be it will not start. Until placed into the neutral position.

2. Your reverse lights will start having issues or not work at all.

3. Check engine codes will trigger. Most common is the P0700 (Transmission System Malfunction) or P0705 (Transmission Range Sensor Malfuction).

While I was researching on how to fix this problem I came across these two well made videos on how to remove and fix this issue regarding the neutral safety switch issue on the Jeep Cherokee XJ.


Replacing parts can really roll up the dough after everything is said and done. Its very important that you do your research and figure out whether or not you can actually clean or reuse the existing parts you actually have.

Most times it just needs to be cleaned! In the case of your safety switch being really dirty as was shown in the video he goes over how he fixed it, what was going on with it before hand and overall this video saved a lot of people money! I love this and hope you found this article helpful.


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