How to Fix My Wrangler Hood Flutter When Driving

What is Hood Flutter?

As a JK wrangler owner I have driven down the road and seen my hood hop up and down. This happens especially on windy days where the hood looks like it is going to fly up and hit the windshield. This can be kind of scary when it really gets going.

Why Does it Happen?

Basically this happens because the stock hood latches that hold the hood tight to the fender are made of very pliable rubber. This allows the hood to move up and down as the rubber stretches. While this is normal everyday operating procedure for the Jeep and I have yet to hear of a hood flying up in cannot be good for the long term use of the hood as it is constantly hitting against the body.

Can You Fix This Problem?

Well the good news that being a Jeep owner, when there is a problem there is always somebody who finds a solution. So yes this can be fixed. Several companies make a heavy duty latch kit. The on we like, and have installed before is the Daystar hood latch replacement kit. It replaced the stock latches with heavy duty polyurethane. It latches tight and does not move at all. You can see an installation of the kit below.

Where Can I Get One?


There are basically two sets and you can get them here and the good news is they are under $30.

Kit for 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Kit for 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler JK


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