How to install our Polyurethane Dana 30 bushing Kit

Jeep Polyurethane Dana 30 Bushing Replacement

Control arm bushings have and always will be a pain in the a** to replace. The Dana 30 axle is very popular on both older and modern Jeeps within the last 30 or so years. Because Jeep uses rubber bushings instead of polyurethane, they are guaranteed to corrode over time. So what do you do? REPLACE THEM!

If you’re true “Do it yourself” kind of person this is the type of install you only want to do once. Because rubber bushings corrode we recommend replacing all bushings and bumpstops with polyurethane. We have a video showing how to replace the bushings along with inserting a new poly bushing into the old metal sleeve. This because the bushing will not fit into the axle control arm mount without it. Its a fairly simple process but can take some time to get it installed.


Tools needed:

  1. Butane Torch
  2. Lighter or Starter
  3. Chisel
  4. Drill and bit
  5. Gloves
  6. Pliers

How to:

Step 1: Using the drill make several holes in the rubber outside of the metal sleeve. This will take some time so its best to overdo it than underdo it with the drilling.

Step 2: With pliers, you should have drilled out enough to yank out the metal sleeve in the middle.

Step 3: With the butane torch start to burn rubber on the inside. Use pliers please we don’t need you burning your hands… When we were making the video I found a block of wood or somewhere flat I could hit the bushing on the ground in order to break off the charred bits of rubber on the inside.

Step 4: Once burned to a crisp take the chisel and scrape out any excess rubber until you have hit the bare metal part of the sleeve.

Step 5: With a hammer or press insert polyurethane Dana 30 bushing into the metal sleeve.

It seems pretty straightforward, however, we won’t be writing about how to replace your control arms in this article. Be sure to check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!


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