Jeep Cherokee XJ (1995) Heater Control Valve Change – Project Update #3

Over the last couple of months, the Cherokee hasn’t been that big of a focus because we sold it in October of last year to one of my friends. However, he recently moved and sold it back to us with some minor issues. The main being an exploded heater control valve. We aren’t quite sure how or why it exploded. We do know that it caused some major overheating problems when it occurred.

It’s quite an easy install simply hooking some hoses with some clamps. The real reason I wanted to write this article is to inform everyone that we are selling our CherokeeĀ in hopes that we can find a better model to work and upgrade to. Its a bittersweet moment but its time to part. We will be focusing on the JK and introduce a new project over the next couple of weeks.


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