Jeep Cherokee XJ Bushwacker Best 2 Fender Flare Sets

There are a lot of cool products out there for your Jeep Cherokee XJ. Made on a uni-body which means the body is welded to the frame it became a quick favorite among serious off-roaders who wanted a capable off-road vehicle.

But in order to make it that capable you will need to lift it up, add some bigger tires underneath, and the get some fender flares to make room for those tires.

There are two styles of flares that look good on the Cherokee XJ and are affordable and somewhat easy to install. Although some flares require cutting and some advanced installation techniques you can do it if you take your time. I know because I did it and installed the hardest cut-out style flares on my Cherokee XJ.


These flares are the deep pocket looking flares with the bolts along the ridge of the wheel well. They look great and tough on the trail but are quite big and obvious. I prefer this look on my Cherokee and ran them for the entire time I owned it. I liked them so much I added them to my Wrangler JK but they just didn’t look quite right.

Bushwacker Jeep Cut-Out Fender Flare Set of 4

Bushwacker 10911-07 Jeep Cut-Out Fender Flare – Set of 4


  • Sheet metal removal maximizes wheel articulation
  • OEM textured black finish has an OE-quality style
  • 100% UV protected Dura-Flex(R) 2000 TPO- no chalking
  • Made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

For extreme off-road use, there’s nothing else like Bushwacker Cut-Out (TM) Fender Flares. Each set of Cut-Out (TM) Fender Flares is individually designed for your Jeep CJ Series, to maximize off-road wheel travel and maintain adequate tire coverage. That custom approach means a smoother appearance, greater strength, and easier bolt-on installation with tough stainless steel hardware. As the name says, Cut-Out (TM) Fender Flares require cutting body sheet metal to achieve maximum articulation and coverage for over sized tires (see the installation guide for your specific model for complete details). Cut-Out (TM) Fender Flares are made from thick, warp-proof Dura-Flex(R) 2000 TPO, our own proprietary material, engineered for added durability and flexibility in severe conditions. Its UV protection guards against chalking, while its pro-grade matte black finish looks great as-is, or custom painted to create your own personal look. Cut-Out (TM) Fender Flares offer extreme performance with style to match.


I never ran these on my Cherokee XJ because I did not like the look of this fender flare. But I think I may have been wrong. You see when I took the cut-outs off my Wrangler JK I replaced them with the flat fender style and fell in love with them. I also saw them on a white Cherokee XJ and they looked great. So now I dont sell them short. These are two opposite styles of fender flares but both look good and is a total preference choice.

Bushwacker Jeep Flat Style Fender Flare Set of 4

Bushwacker 10922-07 Jeep Flat Style Fender Flare – Set of 4

  • Adds up to 4.5 in. of tire coverage from debris
  • Installs easily with minimal drilling or cutting
  • OEM textured black finish has an OE-quality style
  • Trail ready UV protected Dura-Flex® 2000 TPO
  • Made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Be ready for anything – equip your Jeep Cherokee with Bushwacker Flat Style Fender Flares. They’re the first and only flat style flares made to absorb impact, using our proprietary Dura-Flex(R) 2000 TPO – the thickest, most flexible material available. Flat Style Fender Flares maximize your tire coverage and wheel articulation for severe off-road use. Yet they’re carefully engineered to install with a minimum of extra tools and bodywork (see the installation guide for your specific vehicle for details). For example, our mounting brackets bolt straight onto your Jeep for added strength and simpler fitting. Our design integrates neatly with the factory rocker guards and fully molded wheel well protection. The flares are 100% UV protected, too, to stop chalking in its tracks. If you want the look – and the real-world performance – that best fits an American icon, nothing goes with your Jeep better than Bushwacker Flat Style Fender Flares.


So whichever fender flare set you choose you wont have gone wrong because they both look great, offer a ton of room for bigger tires, and stand the abuse of the off-road terrain. So if you need a new set of fender flares because you are dreaming of going big then look no further then these two styles, Cut-Out and Flat Fender.

So what types of fender flares do you think look the best?


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