Jeep Cherokee XJ Cup Holder Rukse RK8200 Review

The Rukse RK8200 Jeep Cherokee XJ Cupholder Review

Well this will be a short review because the cup holder by itself is not a very complicated part, if you have a certain part in your XJ then you need to get this. And that part is a OE center console. Shown below is the center console that you need. It has to be an OE console and not an aftermarket one for this XJ cup holder to work. The console is a stock fit for all XJ models up to 1996 and you can put one in your XJ no problem even if it does not come with one.


The cup holder is a cool design that fits directly into the console over the emergency brake and underneath the lid. It holds in with two screws. It will remove some of the storage room beneath where the e-brake goes. And if you haven’t adjusted your e-brake it may hit the top of the cup holder.

Once installed you have a nice place to put some cups. Now it wont hold the very huge cups but will hold cans, water bottles, and the large cups with the smaller bottoms. All this for only $20.00 it is a great deal. It is made of ABS plastic and is super easy to install and a must get. They even have cut outs for the power window switch if you need it.


As you can see if fits nicely and looks great to. So get your very own Jeep Cherokee XJ Console Cup Holder 1984-96 w/Consolefor about $20.00 shipped to your door. Install it in minutes and have a great place to put your drinks.

This is a MUST HAVE product for any XJ owner with an OE center console.


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