Jeep Commando JP8 Diesel in Camo Sand Color way Custom!

This rare and neat little Jeep beauty was found in Utah and has a look and mind all of its own. The Jeep Commando is painted in a Sand Color in almost every corner of the vehicle. Only a few items are black and this would blend into the desert area real well.

It is not everyday you get to see this Jeep Commando so when you do, you should take some time to peruse it with a careful eye. Look at the custom tow hooks rated to 7500 lbs. and the front tow hooks. This is built tough and perfect for use in hard terrain.



Some of the Features on this Jeep Commando

Custom front bumper with extreme tow hooks.
Custom Tie Downs rated at 3000 lbs and 7500 lbs
Custom Lift
Custom Rims and Goodyear MT Tires
Rear Truck Bed Custom
Rear Custom Rack with Spare Tire and 3 Jerry Cans
Custom Flat Fender Flares
Custom Paint



This tough and desert ready Jeep Commando is one tough beauty. Its go anywhere looks and do anything customization’s gives you peace of mind that wherever you go, you are well outfitted.


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