New Project – 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ


We decided to upgrade from our 95 Jeep Cherokee 2WD to something a little more practical. By purchasing a used Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. It came with 182K miles and a plethora¬†of problems, leaks, interior issues and much more. It’s the 4.0L V6 4×4 and since its purchase we’ve put about 11K miles on it, sitting at around 193K miles. It certainly wasn’t our first choice of Jeeps by any means, but we were in the market for something newer and the ad came up for this Jeep and we took it knowing it would be a project. If you’re subscribed to our youtube channel you will have seen the last several uploads have been me fixing my WJ…Its had this rough idling problem that started a couple of months ago. We have replaced the fuel injectors, ignition coil, throttle body position sensor, spark plugs and nothing has seemed to work. The next thing we’d like to try is replacing the IAC (Idle Air Control Valve) because it stutters mostly when its parked or stopped. Despite all the problems its given me, we have done some pretty cool stuff to it. (Video coming soon)


Over the last couple of months, this car has needed major engine work done to it. The plan will be over the next several weeks, and especially in the summer, we will be focused on suspension and exterior upgrades. This means tires, lift kit, fenders, roof rack, light bars, decals, and anything we find that might be worthy of installing. A couple months back I went and purchased some used tires because we weren’t sure if we were gonna keep the vehicle. Now, we are determined as ever to make it into a true lifted Jeep!

During the winter months, we will be focusing a lot on interior work. The upgrades will vary depending on what is necessary and what looks cool. Mainly installing a new speaker system, floor mats and will most likely buy new material for the seats. We are really excited to take you guys along with us on our build and hope you send us updates on yours!