Jeep Liberty Grand Cherokee 2002-04 Air Bag Deployment Recall

This is a recall of a problem regarding air bag deployment recall notices, so if you think you have had this problem fixed you may want to get it checked again as automakers have come up with a more effective solution.

Jeep Vehicles being Recalled:

2002-2003 Jeep Liberty and 2002-2004 Grand Cherokees (about 750,000 vehicles)

What was the problem, well here is the background from the NHTSA:

The vehicles were subject to recalls in 2002, 2003 and 2004 that resulted from NHTSA investigations to address a problem with an electronic component that might cause airbags or seat belt pretensioners (devices that tighten your seat belt in a crash) to deploy when they should not. NHTSA recently determined that a small number of vehicles that had been fixed under those recalls had experienced inadvertent airbag deployments, and the agency urged all three automakers to issue new recalls to implement a more effective remedy. The automakers have now done so.

First if you believe your car may be in this recall you can check your VIN (vehicle identification number) against the VIN checker on the website. Next understand the problem which deals with the ECU (electronic control unit) that controls the deployment of the airbag. TRW the manufacturer of the part supplied this particular part to automakers whose vehicles could cause air bags to deploy unexpectedly which can cause injury or crashes.

These vehicles were involved in a recall for the same issue in 2012 to 2014 but the fix did not work on some vehicles causing them to have the same problem. Some of these vehicles are also involved with with the problem of the Takata air bags.

To completely fix the problem you will need to get the ECU replaced but the maker of the part may need time to manufacture enough units to fix all the affected vehicles. In the meantime a temporary fix is available that may avoid inadvertent air bag deployment and you are strongly advised to get this fix.

As with any safety recall you should get this fix as soon a the new units are available. Do not disconnect any air bags to attempt to fix the problem and if you are still unsure if your vehicle is affected you can call the NHTSA hotline at 800-424-9153, also see the full article here.


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