Photos of a RotoPax Fuel Can Spare Tire Mount Wrangler JK

This is an installation of a pair of 2 gallon RotoPax fuel containers with a locking mount and a spare tire holding unit. These RotoPax will allow you to add extra fuel containers to your Jeep for trail use or fuel storage when you need it. For this installation we used the following;

2 RotoPax Fuel Containers Red

Locking Pax Mount


Pax Extension
Spare Tire Mount


So basically the spare tire mount goes on the back of the Jeep, and by the way good luck trying to find one of those, the one place I have seen them is at RSTGarage. As a matter of fact they have the whole unit ready to install for about $249.99.

They the Pax Mount plate is put onto the spare tire mount, then the extension, one red RotoPax fuel container the locking mount the the last one and you are ready to hit the trail. Safe in knowing you have some gas to get you or others out if you run out.


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