Poison Spyder Jeep Wrangler JK Custom Build

We are here in the deep deep part of the Salt Lake Valley at 4Wheel Parts. And guess what we found? We found this beauty a little itsy bitsy poison spyder Jeep build. This was just a visitor I suppose to the store in SLC, Utah but we were able to snap a few photos before it got away. This is no Daddy Long Legs spider, no no, this is a big bad beauty like a Black Widow all black and red and a bite to boot.This Poison Spyder Jeep Wrangler JK has a great color scheme and is the perfect look with lots of custom features.


Some of the Features of the Poison Spyder Wrangler JK

Custom front bumper with red d-rings
Custom Hood Overlay
Custom Red Light Bar with LED Light
Front LED Light on Bumper
Custom Graphics
Fox Shocks with extra Canister
Custom Rock Sliders
Custom Wheels and Tires
Hi Lift Jack with Rear Holder
Rear Third Brake Light
D-Ring for Hitch
Custom Lift Kit with Painted Red Suspension Parts
Custom Differential Covers



So little Miss Tuffet can eat all of her curds and whey but in the end she still is going to want a ride in this beast. With its cool color scheme and lots upgrades this is one capable machine and the perfect way to crawl over rocks, just like a spider would.


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