Quick Tech Tip: Easy Way to Keep Hands Clean When Working on Your Jeep


Over the years I’ve become accustomed to the regular grease and grime I get from pulling various parts off my Jeep. Even when I do a minor air filter change my hands can get very dirty.

Usually I don’t mind it but when putting on delicate parts you can lose your grip if you have dirt and grease on them. I cant tell you how many times a bolt or small part has slipped out of my hands.

The biggest issue is that grease and oil smells and is hard to get off your hands so a quick job can turn your hands dirty all day. And if you have plans that night you may end up with that embarrassing dirty fingernail look.

An easy fix is to use durable latex gloves. Easy to take off. Tight fit. Easily disposed of and don’t get in way the of fitting into tight places with your hands. They dont cost a lot and can protect your hands from most dirt and grime.

The problem though is you can only use them once and they make your hands sweat.

But if you really want to do it right then get a good pair of gloves designed for working on your Jeep. Nitrile work gloves are strong, last long, they breathe, and can protect your hands better than any other glove.


Super Grip on One Side Breathable Fabric on the Other




Nice Tight Fit, and Look Great


Come in Black, and Last a Long Time


NiTex P-200 BK, Nitrile foam-coated gloves / black

Material: Nylon / Nitrile Foam Coat

sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


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