Removal of JK Wrangler Grille in Under 14 Minutes

Here is how you remove a JK Wrangler grille in under 14 minutes. If you won a JK Wrangler you may have to remove the grille from time to time. In this case it was removed to PlastiDip the grille in a matte black finish.

Other reasons you may remove the grille is to get to the radiator, install lights in the back, put in a grille insert, or change it out completely. In any event it might be a good idea to get some fasteners to replace them as you need to.


This kit replaces all of the grille fasteners. So the video is above on how to remove the grille from our buddies over at RSTGarage who have a lot of replacement parts for your Jeep Wrangler JK.


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