Review of JK Wrangler Complete Front LED Turn Signal Assembly

JK Wrangler Complete Front LED Turn Signal Assembly is a Cool Front Grille Upgrade

I got the change to review a new LED product for my JK and this one was kind of cool for me. You see I just put in a new grille and I wanted to get a smoked pair of front turn signal lights. I currently had the white ones with Amber LED bulbs in them. They were very bright but the lenses clashed with the black grille.


So I wanted to change them out with something that blended in a little better and also were as bright as my old LED bulbs. Recon 264134BK Front Turn Signals w/ Amber LED makes a pair but please make sure you know what you are getting into before installing these. These are not plug and play like a lot of people claim.

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I received mine and they looked great. I received my from another vendor and I cannot find them on Amazon or anywhere else. The Recon ones seem to be the closest ones. Others say they have a smoked lens version but the lens is not as dark as the ones I got.

No to the part that is a bummer for most Jeep owners. These are not Plug and Play despite what the listings say. Because the moment you install LED lights on the turn signals you run into a problem called hyper-blinking which causes the turn signal indicator light to blink rapidly inside the vehicle and the lights to look erratic. The only way to cure this is with a flasher relay change with an LED rated one or resistors. Right now the only way to fix this is with resistors.

Some lights require you to splice them into the Wranglers wiring harness, others will plug straight in. Mine actually plugged into the bulb socket so I did not have to splice any wires. I did splice wires for the resistors but I had already had them installed when I put in LED bulbs.


What I like about the kit I received is that there is an outgoing wire that is bare that I believe you can hook up to an LED headlight assembly that flashes an amber halo light. I have not tested this feature as of yet because I have not installed the LED head lights I have. But I haven’t been able to find another brand with this fun little feature.

The lights push into the stock tabs fairly well. Everything fit well and wired up fine. I had to put electrical tape over the whole assembly so it was not left to the elements. But once installed I tested them. One side blinked rapidly and I found out it was because one of the resistors was unplugged. So you definitely need those. Once we fixed those we fired them up.

The Conclusion

In the end these were very bright, they blend in well with the black grille. And look awesome. If you can just get past the install procedure and know ahead of time what you are getting into you will be fine. So we give these a 3 lug nuts out of 5 rating. It really gets a 5 star rating for the look but it is how they plug in and the difficulty of install that knocks it down.



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