Review of Premium Grab Handle Kit for Wrangler JK


Premium Grab Handle Kit for Wrangler JK

A great product that is a premium grab handle kit for the front roll bar area over the driver and passenger sides. This allows a convenient place to hold on to with a nice handle. Each roll bar handle has openings where you can attach some other accessories to them.

These accessories hold other parts like cell phones, knives, and other items ready to use. When riding or driving a JK you can never have to many grab handle kits. It always seems like we are using them, whether to rest our arms on them by grabbing hold, or just for a security blanket.

A good grab handle kit should last a while, and this premium kit has extra accessories to take advantage of the wasted space on the grab handle itself.


We give this item a 3 out of 5 star rating. First off they not quite install as nicely as the regular roll bar handles. They scrunch up and always look a little off. Then when you add the accessory pouches they stick out a little and make it hard to get at them.

They don’t fit tight so they move around a lot. I would go back to the regular premium grab handle without the add on pouches. It just looked a lot cleaner.


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