Review of Stubby Ends for the Omix XHD Bumper fits Jeep Wrangler JK


Today we are reviewing the Stubby Ends for the Omix XHD Bumper, this bumper is a modular bumper available from Omix-Ada. The Rugged Ridge 11540.10 Textured Black Front XHD Bumper Base with Winch Mount for Select Jeep Wrangler JK Models costs about $510.00 and is well worth the money.

What makes this bumper so cool is its modular design. The base gives you a winch mount and front square bumper with D-rings that can be added to make it into a monster bumper.


From there you can add custom additions which include stubby, tube, storage, and extended ends. Then you can add bumper bull bar, cage, stinger, or striker. With a lot of different configurations you can really get a unique looking bumper tailored to your Jeep Wrangler JK. We have installed the stubby ends for the XHD bumper and are reviewing this product.

Stubby Ends for Omix-Ada XHD Bumper

These stubby ends for the XHD bumper are easy to install with the bumper on or off. We did it with the bumper on with a socket and wrench. Basically you need to remove the side plates that are held on by three nuts and install the bumper ends in their place. They fit in perfectly and new hardware is given. They dont require the removal of any other parts on the bumper and give you an instant new look.

What we liked about them:

  • They give a nice clean look to the bumper and still maintain the cool aggressive look of the front of the JK tires.
  • The texture matches the bumper and they are built tough.
  • Easy to install.

What we did not like about them:

  • They are a little expensive. But you cant beat the price of the bumper with the ability to add on different components as the budget allows.
  • Its a tight squeeze in their with the bumper on so you need to get in some crazy positions and if you have huge hands, well good luck.

In the end we picked these ends for our XHD bumper because we didn’t want to lose the mean look of our tires poking out of the side of the Jeep when looking at it from the front. The stubby ends for the XHD bumper did not dissapoint.

Installed in less than an hour it gave us just a clean enough look to finish off the bumper, make it more rounded or complete and complement the aggressive look. We give this product 4 out 5 lug nuts.


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