Rumors and Innuendo for Upcoming Jeep Models

There are a a lot of changes coming to the new and upcoming Jeep models. After Fiat Motors acquired the brand you knew that some huge tweaks may come to the Jeep lineup of vehicles, some good and some bad.

But profits always trumps progress and technology and the almighty dollar will always win. So lets see about some of the upcoming rumors and innuendo surrounding possible changes of the Jeep lineup.

Other Jeep Model Rumors

Jeep Wrangler JK Rumors

  • Coming soon may be a new biometric visual ID system that will recognize a persons eye as the the authorized owner of the vehicle and allow the vehicle to start. This is some cool future stuff!
  • Upcoming 2018 models may come with an 8 speed upgraded transmission.
  • Despite the quintessential Dodge Challenger in the Fast and Furious movies the Furious 7 may have a Jeep Wrangler featured.
  • Upcoming 2018 models may feature the much acclaimed Eco-Diesel currently in the Dodge Ram
  • The 2015 Wrangler Freedom limited edition model will be priced starting at $38,500 and may be capped at 200 units, it is accentuated with the freedom star within and without.
  • Plans may be made for a hybrid model.
  • Toledo, Ohio Jeep plant is fighting to keep Jeep Wrangler JK production from leaving the city.
  • 2017 marks the ten year anniversary of the Wrangler JK and a Golden Eagle model may be made.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Rumors

  • Will Fiat make a Hellcat version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2, that is a good rumor and one we would like to see come true.

Other Jeep Rumors

  • Jeep just may be planning a uber luxury model that will rival the top of the line Range Rover. Source


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