Slotted and Cross Drilled Rotors Help your Jeep Stop Better

Being around jeeps all my life one of the biggest problems that I run into is not having enough power behind my brakes. At times I feel unsafe driving my Cherokee because of some of the parts I have installed.

An easy and relatively cheap fix after adding a bunch of weight to your jeep with things like: lift kits, bigger tires, roof racks, new bumpers etc. is slotted and drilled brake rotors.

Why these are such an excellent upgrade is because not only do they look really cool; they have some hard to pass up features that can help stop your Jeep.

Being used by various racing brands like Nascar, slotted and drilled brake rotors offer you better stopping power. With a hard to beat brake response time and reliable performance due to better cooling this product delivers over stock rotors. These kits are made specifically for off-road applications and some even come with replacement brake pads for even more stopping power.


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