Stainless Steel Antennas for the Jeep Cherokee XJ in 6 Sizes

• IN DEPTH REVIEW: The antennas are offered in several different colors as you saw in the video like black, red, blue, matte and much more. Be aware however since these antennas are smaller compared to stock you will lose reception depending on what size you order. The only ones we’ve ever had trouble with are the 3″ and 6″.

They come in 6 sizes from 3,6,9,12,15 and 21 inches.

We have a 3″ on our JK and it works just fine in the city but as soon as you leave it definitely will lose reception faster than the bigger size models. The 9″ is my favorite because it offers a sleek look as well as very little to no reception loss. It all just depends on you. Thanks for watching Cherokee Top 100 products with us at askajeeper. com.
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