The AskAJeeper Ride Along Video Collection

We Here at AskAJeeper Present a Ride Along Video Experience

This is where we go different places and look to ride along with some friends, vendors, or other cool people and see what is out there.

Sometimes we visit awesome places doing things we like to do. So take a gander at some of our videos and see what we like to do with some of our free time.

We take a walk around De Sota National Park in the Bradenton, Florida area.

We love to go fishing, and we load up the Jeep Wrangler JK and take it to all kinds of cool fishing spots. We go down to the Bradenton Beach City Pier and do some saltwater fishing.

We do a ride along in a GMC Sierra truck right up Farmington Canyon, to show that we have some fun in other vehicles. You can read more about this experience after the videos…

The Farmington Canyon Experience

A couple of months ago, around early June, my cousin and I decided to take our company Jeep to do some wheeling in our local area. So we chose Farmington canyon. I had gone up once before, and hadn’t seen it in a while, so the drive going back up was exciting.

Just 20 minutes from my house, the trail is fairly easy, nothing too hard as far as off-roading is concerned. For the first little section of the trail, there were just a few rocks here and there. Once we had been going for a while, the road started to get a little more aggressive (and fun) with rocks, water, mud, etc.

Then, the road forked. The last time I was here, we took the left path. On the right was Skyline Drive, which was closed the previous time. As you may have guessed, we took this trail. We got up there pretty high, and that allowed us to enjoy some insane views of the state!

Along the way, we ventured onto a couple of paths that led off the main trail letting us enjoy more of the scenery. One, however, was very interesting. It merged off to the left with a downhill entrance into what looked like a dirt bike arena!

This part of the trek was my favorite. It included some little hills, a lifted track, and other various things that would make anyone anxious to try it out. We were able to get some great footage, as well as test out some cool things I had never done with my Jeep before. We finished the trail, and we began to head back.

The trail was just as easy coming down, saying hello to several other Jeeps with the commonly known “Jeep Wave” along the way. We had a lot of fun. Because of the Amazing views, and the fun off-roading, this was an experience that my cousin and I will have a hard time forgetting!

Trail Rating:

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Scenery: 5 out of 5

Usage (May Vary with Weekends and Holidays): 3 out of 5

Fun For the Family: 5 out of 5

Vehicle Used: 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK


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