The Jeep Hunter Finds a Crazy Built Out Wrangler YJ

Check Out this Crazy Built Out Wrangler YJ

So the Jeep Hunter is out and about in Sarasota, FL doing the one thing he loves to do when he is out hunting Jeeps. Stopping at the Ice Cream shop to get two scoops of his favorite ice cream. Jamoca Almond Fudge and German Chocolate Cake.

So it was a total bonus when low and behold this crazy built out Wrangler YJ appeared right there in the parking lot. I mean look at this thing, it is so high that it had to have two steps on each side just to get to the side nerf bar and into the Jeep. That is some serious lift.

Up front we can see dual shocks, and lift shackles with heavy duty leaf spring packs to lift the vehicle that high. I didn’t get up close enough or did I notice if it had a spring over axle conversion. But it looks like it did from the photo of the front suspension.

Top it off with some gray shock boots, side nerf bars, custom fender flares, and aggressive tires and rims and you got a well built YJ.

I especially like the hinges that show some detail. Along with the top roof rack which looks like a hard top, soft top combo. Crazy big lights up front, a winch and I bet a nice power plant under the hood. The top is in great condition and the Jeep looks great.

We were lucky to see this little gem as you just don’t really get to see to many YJs out there that are built out. So congrats to the owner of this Jeep it is crazy cool and is a great build.


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