Wealthy Magazine Puts Wrangler on 15 New Cars to Avoid List

A well known and respected magazine that outlines the wealthiest people in the world has put the Jeep Wrangler and Unlimited on its 15 new cars to avoid list.

Now while they admit it is one of the most capable off-road and has a good resale value they give it low marks for;

  • Low scores in Consumer Reporting
  • Low Marks from JD Powers in reliability, initial quality, and performance.


Well the New 2015 Jeep Wrangler (similar to the one above) has not much changed over older versions and this makes me take a little exception to this article.

I think Jeep was masterful in its marketing efforts in getting the Wrangler to the masses. I mean a 4 door Wrangler who in the right mind would think of that?

And who would of thought it would fly. All the cool stuff about a Jeep with four doors and a real back seat.

So who cares if the yuppies do think its comfortable, or not for a family. It is a JEEEEEEP. They are not supposed to be an Escalade.

They are made to take your family where they cant go in other SUV models. To the unexplored places, where they mystery is, and all the fun is hiding out. And by the way, it does under perform.

I will give you that. But the first models had a mini van engine in them so what would you expect. The newer models have an upgraded motor that does the job. Tell you what, take the tops off, blow the doors, and go for a cruise down to the beach and you wont find very much more fun in an automobile.

This should be the MUST HAVE vehicle for anyone who wants to have FUN!



Believe me you don’t want to do this in a Honda!


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