Whats the One Product All Jeep Owners Should Have in Their Jeep?

Is there one product that all Jeep owners should have in their vehicle regardless of making any other upgrades to it? Well I have thought long and hard about that and in the end I feel there is one product that fits this bill and that is a fire extinguisher holder with an auto fire extinguisher.

You see this one product can really take care of a lot of safety needs during an emergency accident, a problem on the road, an engine fire, or any other problem with fire. In most cases a vehicle fire could be easily put out with a good fire extinguisher.

If you use your Jeep outdoors a lot like most Jeep owners then you know how handy a fire extinguisher can be. But is this all, if you had this one thing would you feel safe? What about if you added a first aid kit, a handy bag that mounts to the roll bar and holds a serious amount of quality first aid supplies. With these two items wouldn’t you feel as safe as you can be.

Well we could add one more thing. To make this the perfect thing we could add a bright high lumen LED flash light that will light up the night sky and cast a beam farther than you can see. That way you will have bright light whenever you need it.

See a great video of the fire extinguisher holder installed in the back of the Jeep Wrangler JK above…

Well you are probably saying that this is three things, and technically you would be right. But we found a company called RUKSE that sells all of these thing in a kit numbered RK1900 and it includes the fire extinguisher holder, first aid kit, and light kit. All in one great kit that you can get on Amazon for about $139.99 shipped to you.

Jeep Truck SUV Roll Bar Safety Accessory Kit First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, Light

Brand new ROLL BAR ACCESSORY safety bundle. It comes with a 2.9lb Fire Extinguisher and Black holder that attaches to your roll bar up to 3 inches in diameter. Then you get a small mini flash light holder that attaches to your Roll Bar with a FREE LED slim flash light. And finally you get a First Aid holder for your roll bar up to 3″ in diameter, form fitting, attaches with three straps. The FIRST AID KIT and comes with the following item: 2 Gauze 4×4 | 2 Gauze 2×2 | Scissors | Cold Pack | Gloves | Abdominal Pad | CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Guide | 2 Tongue Depressors | Gauze Bandage 3″ and 2″ | Tape | 3 Antiseptic Towelettes | Triangular Bandage | 3×4 Non Adherent Pad | Non Adherent Pad Small | 16 Assorted Band-aids | 3 Sting Relief Pads | 3 Antiseptic Pads | 2 Burn Gel Packets | 2 Hydro cortisone Cream Packets | 2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets | 2 Cedaprin Pain Reliever Packets | 2 Aypanal Non Aspirin Pain Reliever Packets. It will hold the following first aid items; large pouch for first aid items, gauze and bandage holder, scissor clip holder, swab and bandage holder, breathable mesh zipper pocket. This is an item you should get today!

MAKE and MODEL: 1955-1986 Jeep CJ All Models | 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler YJ TJ All Models | 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler JK | All Models Most universal roll bar applications | Fits in any car, truck, or SUV and or Utility vehicle.


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