Project XJ – Jeep Cherokee XJ 1995 Under 80 Dollar Upgrades #2


What have we been up to on our Cherokee Project? We’ve made a couple of different videos however we haven’t given any breakdown of what specifically we’ve done. Most of the product/mods we did on our Jeep have been relatively cheap and easy to install. Let’s get started!


  1. Our first install we decided to bring in a 2-inch lift kit from RTOffroad by Crown Automotive. It was a rather easy install only taking a couple of hours with the help of coil spring compressors and penetrating spray the day before.
  2. The second was a basic tune-up changing out various engine components such as the map sensor, fuel filter, throttle body spacer, spark plugs and cords, and various caps that no longer were usable.
  3. The third thing was we started making some cosmetic changes such as decals, plastic dipping the front grille, switching out the original headlights, taillights, side marker lamps, and license plate bulb with LEDs.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to make the big changes we wanted to such as new tires, rims, upgraded steering. Building a Jeep should always be a long process because it’s your Jeep and it needs to be filled with parts that match your style. If you are interested in buying any of these parts there will be links for them below